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Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 249
Daily Blitz 2h 1
Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 0
U1600 SuperBlitz 57m 0
Hourly Bullet 27m 0
Wang ¾+2 Atom Rated 2h 16
Shumov 6+0 Rated 1h 10
Simagin 2+0 Atom Rated 30m 8
Aitken ¾+0 3check Rated 1h 6
Lisitsin 2+0 Rated 45m 1
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  1. World champion comparison with… kettwiesel I agree with OotQ. The Guid-Bratko approach to measure 'complexity' i…
  2. Games that sum up my playstyle. noob2chess The first 4 games I posted are pretty accurate to how I play.
  3. Games that sum up my playstyle. noob2chess LMAO that is even more luck than in my game LOL.
  4. Games that sum up my playstyle. Neverness My style: (i.e. who needs 'a sty…
  5. Games that sum up my playstyle. noob2chess Playing super aggressive tal + morphy style but much worse. https://…
  6. World champion comparison with… OneOfTheQ Yeah, there are a couple ways I think it could be improved. The fir…
  7. Unbelivable simul from me reffi I'm in, good luck
  8. Feature request - LichessTV ch… MrMeeseeks Wondering if it might be interesting to add a chat box to LichessTV to…
  9. Correspondence Time Bug? kettwiesel 4 hours ago i checked the game and the clock said: 17 hours and someth…
  10. World champion comparison with… Frapator Thank you for sharing clearly all your knowledge on this matter ! V…
  11. Board Editor UI Feature Reques… chesshirecat1 When setting up a position on the board editor, I've noticed that I sp…
  12. World champion comparison with… OneOfTheQ also did this, in a more comprehensive way than the peop…
  13. Unbelivable simul from me thibault For your information, lichess simuls are limited to 125 players. It…
  14. [Dev Stuff] Any ETA on return … thibault The API will be back tomorrow. Clients get a credit of 10,000 renew…
  15. Nxd4 ? OneOfTheQ It's the depth/time limit. The line where White retains the extra p…
  16. World champion comparison with… vasiliyperedruk why my chat is not working when I play in tournaments?
  17. Hourglass Time Control V1chess I think the hourglass time control would be great in Lichess. I have p…
  18. [Dev Stuff] Any ETA on return … dsjoerg +1, same here. If there's anything I can do to help restore the API I…
  19. World champion comparison with… Frapator great. tx ! this deserves a refresh 10 years after, with better eng…
  20. World champion comparison with… pemo Maybe this is what you are looking for...…
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