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  1. I am building my opening reper… GMnobody I would like to do that.
  2. I am building my opening reper… sakram07 Hey there, I see that my openings are quite weak, so decided to wor…
  3. 5 centipawn loss in a hyperbul… r4ndumb yay. my opponent did play like thrash tho.…
  4. Asian Continental Chess Champi… seanysean What is a Oder player?
  5. Asian Continental Chess Champi… rajma420 Yep only the prodigy
  6. Why did my opponent resign? noob2chess I have a gf. I guess he was called or something. Could have also been …
  7. Suggestion - Multiple Game Pro… FlyingQueen It would be nice if you would be able to open multiple game proposals,…
  8. Why did my opponent resign? Rob420 Haha! ShahenShah1, that might be it! :D
  9. Can't discuss the game on Lich… thibault It's too hard to moderate. We can't have a mod there 24h/24. And you k…
  10. Can't discuss the game on Lich… Soupe_Salade When watching a game on Lichess TV, there is no chat unless one leaves…
  11. Chat messages coming through i… thibault Yes, one that we're going to fix very soon!
  12. Troitsky line MrGM Try solving the position before you check with engine maybe you will g…
  13. Troitsky line MrGM guys put in this position…
  14. Chat messages coming through i… RobbyRob I have created a lichess account for my daughter, and set her account …
  15. Troitsky line MrGM Hi guys I felt like I had to share this with the lichess community as…
  16. Closed tournaments by rating r… MrGM I understand your point and i think it would be a good idea but i actu…
  17. Why did my opponent resign? ShahenShah1 Ah ! I agree , Now I remember . Thank you buddy #6
  18. Why did my opponent resign? Neverness #5, no – in fact, this goes against the Laws of Physics.
  19. Why did my opponent resign? hatchet chessplayers have girlfriends ?
  20. Asian Continental Chess Champi… sakram07 I think wei yi has solid chances
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