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  1. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. Illion I saw it instantly, if only because everyone only seems to know that p…
  2. lichess down - game lost thibault see
  3. Network issues thibault OVH, our hosting company, is experiencing major network issues. Liches…
  4. lichess down - game lost FraGer68 this is what happend to me right now. I didn't lose connection to inte…
  5. Playing tournaments endofgamz Ok, thanks for the feedback.
  6. Reasses Your Chess Vol 4 chess240 As for chess books by Silman, I've read Reassess Your Chess 3rd editio…
  7. Simul for lower rated players,… motion Another simul, now!!!
  8. Losing chess motivation Professor74 Chessatom: It happens to all of us at sometime during our lives. AP…
  9. Higher ping at daily arena time Baluk Hi I have 45 ms stable ping during the day, however at 6 pm (daily …
  10. Rook ending and opening choice. DaanNoordenbos the opening is fine not good but fine.
  11. Why is there no option to simp… DaanNoordenbos "There should be a new rule, namely that it is not the person with the…
  12. Why is there no option to simp… kiseiju This points will be perfectly negligible in the long run, when you hav…
  13. My most fun game this week. SacrifTal i like your games achja !
  14. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. TheIceManV That was hard... Got it though! 17th try!
  15. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. Manglecopter left the engine on it ruined it on me :(
  16. Rook ending and opening choice. Rob420 Thank you OriginalConcept. The computer also tells me to go back on th…
  17. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. NoThinkingAllowed Can you show me how this position is legal???
  18. BUG GAME Moh001 where is the bug ?
  19. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. PrepareToLoseBruh Everyone turn off computer evaluation as soon as you get to the analys…
  20. Hardest Mate In 1 Puzzle Ever. NoThinkingAllowed I left stockfish on... I'm a sad man...
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Crazyhouse, an overview

Strategic concepts, tactical patterns, openings, and other resources

OMG Crazyhouse!

The epic chess variant is landing on lichess

Racing Kings & the Second ChessWhiz Cup

Ringing in the New Year with Racing Kings and the second ChessWhiz Cup!